Be Original, Be Unique and Be True to Yourself .


I often dream lying under a sky full of stars in the middle of the night. From where I live , it is almost not possible to ever experience such starry nights. But I still dreamt of it and the feeling was always magical which remained in my memories for years.

The recent trend is actually art jamming. In gist, art jamming is painting in a cozy cafe or bistro with painting materials provided by the cafe bistro itself , usually in a package of 2-3 hours.

This piece is actually my virgin attempt of painting with my friend teaching me the techniques of acrylic painting , which is pretty cool for a newbie like me !

Since I’ve always dreamt of starry nights under the moonlight, I decided to paint it down and the waterfall is actually my wish to see Niagara falls personally one day. The swing is what I love playing during my childhood. The back view represents how I’ve seen people turn their backs on me but at the same time I’ve learned to keep moving forward even if the path ahead is in darkness but I still have hope and light in my heart.

This painting represents my dreams, wishes and resolution to move forward at all times. If you have fell and cried, it’s alright because you will be stronger thereafter. I believe that you will become the best version of yourself eventually like how I am moving towards my best self and staying true to my uniqueness each day . And at the same time, treating everyone with sincerely because the right ones will appreciate and stay. Thankful for all the support that I have all these years.

Cheers !

New Year , New Start

Let’s thank 2019 for all the bitter-sweet experiences which will make us grow into our better and finer selves.

As we enter into 2020, let’s embrace all its challenges and adventures ahead of us. For all of us out there facing the different types of struggles , I hope 2020 gives you endless support and strength.

I used to make tonnes of resolutions but decided to do away with all the new year resolutions. Instead , I hope for us to protect the child in us together with all the simple joy in life.

Like how kids will be so happy to receive balloons on any occasion and laugh like they own the world. That’s why I drew Doraemon to represent the happiness of having a childhood , balloons to represent the love of most kids and the planet to represent the dreams of every kid.

I wish everyone good health & joy for the year ahead and may all your wishes come true !

Cheers to 2020 🍻🥂

Prayers for You & Me

“愿在眼前和天边的你拥有安慰和快乐 ”

2019 has enriched me nothing but growth and lessons. It made me stronger than I could ever imagined.

I was on the verge of breakdown on several occasions within the year. Times that I almost felt like giving up but thanks to all my coworkers and friends I’ve made through out the years, who motivated and supported when I could barely survive the day. They are the reason why I could have made it thus far.

Experienced many sleepless nights and on those nights, I would sit by the window staring into the dark sky and under the moonlight wondering , with tears in my heart and soul.

Sometimes, the people closest to us are the ones who hurt us the most. When that happens , don’t be disheartened because one day you realise how strong you have become as an individual , an unique identity of your own.

One day, I met up with a friend and realised that we both faced similar challenges which had taken a toll on us. I saw the tears in her eyes and that made me want to do something for her because I could feel her emotions so deeply. Thus, I did this sketch, hoping to bring some comfort and warmth for her and to motivate those who are also facing the down times in their lives.